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Amar Mehta CEO / Founder / Creator




We are a team of artists and professionals dedicated in bringing about amusement to everyone through an hour a day cartoon comedy show. It is our desire to provide a form of catharsis for everyone living day in and day out, carrying out several quite similar roles within a day, making each action a bit taxing, with its usual twists and turns. With The O'ryans we endeavor to create a family-oriented show, where everyone and anyone will get to watch how each member of the family, as reflected in each of the scenes, act out day to day activities in person or in real life. In the process they would, somehow, get a better understanding of how and why different personalities in the movies act, and apply them in real world setting. And, as in real life whenever a mistake or a victory is won, even in single simple sequence in an hour, or in a day, it will be something to be grateful about—something that will be a source of laughter for everyone else. Each of the character in the show is a personality drawn out from perceived "real" situation; each situation, though made-up, represents how things and people in real life interconnect to form the "circumstance." Bringing out the best and funny moments from extraordinary as well as unexpected turns of event is what The O'ryans is all about.


Amar Mehta is a Canadian cartoonist writer, voice actor and the brain behind "The O'ryans". The O'ryans centers on the family, the community, and everything that is essential and happens within one's normal life. For this reason, the viewers will find points of connection as they empathize with each of the characters in the story. It was during the 2nd quarter of 2013, Amar Mehta took the challenge of creating a rolling project focused on a family cartoon show-- something that will provide an emotional bond with all the viewers. This begun the history of "The O'ryans", a story about a family of 4 and their family dog. Amar also stars as the best friend of the character Neil in "The O'ryans", who's playing the role of the father in the family. "The O'ryans" is still in the process of being created. Amar Mehta has created a number of images and short video clips of how the show will actually come out. He has also created some comic strips about "The O'ryans". With "The O'ryans," Amar started with a dream and will carry out to make that a reality. You are also part of this dream. Soon enough it will be part of everyone's reality. It only takes perpetual devotion to that dream to give it wings and later see it soar and make it happen.

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